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Figure 1 Our handing closet systems are easy to install and offer endless storage solutions

AdvantageOne RTA closets offer a stylish look and an adaptable design making them a perfect addition to your reach-in or walk-in closet. Our ready to assemble closet organizers offer a stylish flair to your home that provide the highest form of functionality.

All of our closet organizers are easy to install using our hanging closet system. In addition, each of our ready to assemble closets are easily adjusted, and modified making them the perfect functional solution for your home.

Designed with the Do-It-Yourselfer in Mind

Manufactured with innovation and affordability in mind, Euro-Rite's ready to assemble closet organizers are the ideal solution for the do-it-yourself handy person. Bring your vision of functionality and style to life with our easy to assemble closet organizers. Create your dream closet with our Online Closet Organizer Tool. Calculate the exact components and sizes to suit your unique vision.

Using the Online Closet Planner is simple. Enter you wall dimensions and a design is created just for you. From there, you can make changes, try different configurations and instantly personalize the layout and design of your closet. This tool is simple and fun – it allows you to take all of the time you need until the perfect closed has been created for your space and budget.

Once you are done creating your ideal RTA closets you can save your designs and email them to yourself or a friend. You now have access to your personalized item list making it a breeze to visit one of our many dealers to purchase the parts.

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A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Our AdvantageOne Closet series offers storage and organized space for any closet size or shape. Choose drawers, baskets, hanging rods, or hanging closet shelves. Choose one option, or choose them all. Your design options are limitless with our wide range of accessories and add-ons. With our AdvantageOne hanging closet system, there is "a place for everything!"

All of our Standard Modules, Add-ons, and Accessories are available in two luxurious colours. Choose from our elegant chocolate range, or opt for a modern and fresh white finish.

Standard Modules

No matter the size of your closet space, our standard modules act as the perfect base to build upon.

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Our starter tower is the Hanging Tower and is the most adaptable component in the AdvantageOne system. There are over 15 configurations available with this unit.

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For long hanging items like dresses, jackets and pants we offer the Single Hang Unit. This module can be cut for a perfect fit.

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The Double Hang instantly doubles your closet space with two options for hanging garments. As always, this unit can also be cut for a perfect fit.


Corner shelves are perfect for those who optimize all of their available closet space. These shelves extend 30” on both wall when placed between two sides and offer and adjustable shelf.

For additional storage space, opt for 48” closet sides. These panels come finished and pre-drilled for simple installation.

We offer two options for shelf packs. The first fits with our standard 24” tower and finished on the front edge. The second option works with our single hang 36” standard module. These shelves are fully adjustable and come finished on the front edge.

Add space and function to your new closet by adding drawers. This add-on works in conjunction with the hanging tower module.


For a unique and stylish type of closet storage add chrome baskets to the Hanging Tower. Unlike other baskets on the market, ours rest on top of the sides, eliminating the torque twist that is inherent in other types of pull out baskets.

Our Tie/Belt Rack allows you to keep all of your ties (belts, scarves, and so much more) all together in one place. No more hunting around for these notoriously hard to store items.

With our Hanging rail you can easily hang the vertical closet parts. This rail is simple and strong. You will have your closet installed in no time.

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Our Hanging Closet Systems Have a Solution For Everyone

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Figure 2 Walk-in closets offer the most flexibility when it comes to installing shelving and storage options.

The most common misconception about hanging closet organizers is that you have to have a walk-in closet for them to work. While you definitely do have a lot of space to organize with a walk-in closet, you are not limited if you have a reach-in by-pass or by-fold closet.

By-pass closets are in every home, in many different rooms. They are easy to design and organize. The most important thig to remember with by-pass closets is that the centre of the closet is always covered by the doors. This means that if you chose to opt for the tower, it should be place on one side or the other.

By-fold closets are also quite common. This closet type differs from the by-pass in that the doors pull out and fold together. With this type of closet, it is best to place the modules closer to the middle of your by-fold doors. The easiest access point will be in the middle, with the doors being on either side. Therefore, frequent use items can be stored in the middle unit.

Finally, walk-in closets offer the most flexibility when it comes to installing shelving and storage options. You can have a lot of fun with your designs and find a place to store everything you want to.

For tips on measuring the dimensions of your specific closet, follow the step-by-step guide found in our AdvantageOne Series brochure.

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Manufactured by a Team that Puts Customer Satisfaction First

Our range of ready to assemble closets are the perfect solution for organizing your home. Whether you want to use our hanging closet system in your bedroom closet, kitchen closets, or bathroom closets our fully interchangeable line means it will fit perfectly every time. With so many options you can create your ideal closet organizing solution within a budget.

For over thirty years, Euro-Rite has maintained a reputation of being the most trusted manufacturer of ready-to-assemble cabinetry in Western Canada. All of our closet organizers are manufactured by our exceptionally skilled craftsmen. We are proud of our work and only manufacture closet organizers and cabinetry we would want in our own homes. Providing customer satisfaction is just as important to us as making exceptional closet organization solutions.

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