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Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinet Space
By March 20, 2018

Whether you’ve got a large kitchen with a lot of cabinet space or are trying to make the most out of a small space, there are always helpful tips and tricks to keep your kitchen cabinet space organized and tidy. Our “tips and tricks list” can also be used as a handy rulebook to maximizing

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By January 19, 2018

Organizing your closet can seem like an insurmountable task, when it doesn’t have to be! A more organized closet will make your life easier! Not only will you have more room to store your belongings, you will also save a lot of time trying to find the right outfit each morning. In addition, redesigning and

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By December 21, 2017

At Euro-Rite, we believe in giving back during the holidays because Christmas is about sharing and giving. We are proud to support our community and charitable organizations. This year the Euro-Rite team collected goods to make Christmas hampers to donate to two separate families through the Christmas Bureau. The Christmas Bureau helps low-income families with

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dark wood kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances and white counter tops
By November 7, 2017

Kitchen renovations come with a list of benefits, but did you know that it can also lead to a healthier lifestyle? Old appliances can have mold and mildew buildup, so getting rid of them is already a great benefit to your health. In addition to immediate benefits of a new kitchen, a new kitchen can

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Kitchen Renovation Common Mistakes
By October 18, 2017

Renovating a Kitchen Renovating your kitchen is a big project with many things to consider. Mistakes during your kitchen renovation can be costly and add time and stress. Despite these things, renovating your kitchen is a great investment and have consistently shown positive ROI. Below we will talk about 5 common mistakes made when renovating

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Kitchen Accessories
By September 11, 2017

Kitchens are one of the most important parts of your home. It is becoming more popular to have more than just an ordinary kitchen. Whether you are looking to improve the efficiency of your kitchen or the style of your kitchen, accessories can take your kitchen to the next level! Moulding  Add mouldings to give

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By August 4, 2017

Renovating your kitchen comes with a list of benefits, including a positive return on investment, reduced energy costs, and improve functions. Once you’ve browsed our inspiration gallery and decided that it’s time to renovate your kitchen, here are some tips to help you get ready for your kitchen renovations. Step 1: Plan Your Kitchen Renovation

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By July 17, 2017

Vancouver will soon lead the world in green building design and construction, thanks to the innovative Greenest City Action Plan. As part of this initiative, the City is working to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the city’s new homes 33% by 2020, with the goal of making all new buildings “carbon neutral” by

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Renovation Return On Investment Diagram - $250,000 - $400,000
By June 17, 2017

Why a Kitchen Update is the right choice for your home remodel One of the first areas you should look at when considering a renovation or a remodel is your kitchen.  Think about your kitchen for a moment. It’s probably the place where your family spends the most time. The kitchen is often referred to

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Eurorite Team at Charity Event
By May 17, 2017

Euro-Rite is proud to continually support community and charitable organizations. Everyone at Euro-Rite Cabinets understands that there are people and communities struggling with challenges that many of us will never experience.  We know that giving back to the communities and helping those struggling to overcome obstacles is important. That’s why Euro-Rite supports a variety of

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