Kitchen with white cabinets and white walls.

Small Kitchens with Big Style

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Posted on April 1, 2020

Go Monochrome (pictured above)

The unified look of cabinets, countertops, and walls in all the same colour streamlines your space and makes everything feel bigger, whereas having blocks of different colours can break up the space and make it look significantly smaller.


Get Cozy

Whenever people talk about small spaces they refer to them as “cozy.” So why not embrace the coziness of your small kitchen? Choose warm tones and decor in sunny colours, pick cabinet handles and other accessories in yellow metals, and enjoy your cozy little kitchen!

Kitchen with white cabinets and white walls.Kitchen with white cabinets and white walls.


Opt for High Gloss

Cabinets with a high-gloss finish make the room appear bigger. This is because the sheen of the cabinets is reflective, so the light beams and plays off of the cabinets, creating a bright, open feeling in the space.


Choose White

If you prefer a matte or super-matte finish, go for white or another light colour for your kitchen cabinets. Light colours make any space look larger and more open, while dark colours tend to create a crowded, tight feel in a small space.

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Opt for Slim Handles

If you have a small kitchen area, go for slim cabinet handles as opposed to bulky round ones. Slim, linear handles make for a streamlined look that does not distract the eye and gives the illusion of a bigger space throughout the whole room.


Take Full Advantage of Your Kitchen Island

If you have an island in your kitchen, make sure it’s pulling its weight! An island can provide a ton of extra space and options. Install cabinets with drawers – they’re more functional – and kitchen amenities like dishwashers, sinks, and freezer drawers to enhance your island and create more space.  If you can sneak seating on one side of it, that’s even better!

Small kitchen with dining table in the centre.


Love Every Inch

When you have a small kitchen, you really don’t have any space to waste on something you don’t like. Choose cabinets in a colour and design you absolutely love. Pay attention to the small details and pick hardware, lighting, and decor that makes you happy. Your space may be limited, but your enjoyment of it doesn’t have to be!

Small kitchen with dining table in the centre.


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