Closet Organizer Design – What to Consider

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Posted on July 18, 2019

Does your closet spark joy? If not, it may be time to rethink the design. It’s much easier to keep a closet organized and tidy if the design is sleek, stylish, and useful. These current closet trends bring together function and fashion with great design elements and organization solutions. Whether you’re looking for some lively colour or a creative way of using every inch of space, these ideas are sure to help you revamp your closet.

Built-in Drawers

Minimalism is trending in bedroom décor, which means more and more people are looking to ditch the separate dresser and just keep everything in their closet. Installing drawers can make your closet into the place where you keep all of your clothing, not just the items that need hanging, so the rest of your bedroom can be a sleek, open space without a bunch of bulky furniture in the way.

Shoe Storage

Another nice way to make your closet a one-stop space for every piece of your outfit is to add show storage space. There are plenty of different ways you can do this, from shoe hangers to shoe racks that attach onto the back of a door, but our personal favourite is shoe shelves installed right in the closet. You can get adjustable shelves that change height to accommodate tall boots, ballet flats, and everything in between.


Peaceful, calming colours are always a good idea in a bedroom, but that doesn’t mean the colours have to be boring! Popular neutrals right now include light greys, bright whites, and matte finishes—especially matte black. Mixed metallic neutrals in rose gold and tarnished brass add some interest and texture.
If you want a pop of colour, a stylish, modern way to do that is to add a back-wall accent. Either line the back wall with a patterned wallpaper or paint it a vibrant hue such as coral or turquoise.
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No Useless Space

The better you make use of all the space in your closet, the more you can fit in it and keep it organized. This means utilizing every bit of space available to you—especially corners! Install corner shelves to keep smaller items like handbags and accessories in place and make use of every square inch of your closet space.

Stacked Hangers

Consider installing double-decker hanging bars on top of one another to make more space for shorter clothing items like shirts and pants as opposed to long dresses. This creates more space than only having one tall hanging area. Having double hanging bars makes your closet look sleek and beautifully organized, plus it makes better use of vertical space than a traditional closet with a single hanger bar.


Adding lighting to the inside of your closet makes it easier to really see what you’ve got in there, instead of losing items of clothing in the deep dark corners for months at a time. Track lighting can be attached to the inside of shelves to shine down onto hard-to-see areas. If you have a roomier walk-in closet, you can even put in a small chandelier.

Dressing Room Closet

Make your closet into a mini dressing room-add a table mirror to a shelf or full-length mirror against the back of a door, install lights around the mirrors, create a kind of mini vanity table within the closet using a shelf and table mirror. This will make your closet into a place you can not only get dressed, but also do your makeup and hair. Mirrors also make your space look bigger and brighter.
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