How to Design Your Dream Closet

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Posted on February 20, 2018

A lot of people think that renovating a closet or storage space is a long and difficult process. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be a difficult journey to achieve your dream closet.

We’ve come up with some simple steps to get you started on your journey. While every closet will be different, the goals remain the same: organization, functionality, and aesthetics!

  1. Establish a Budget: Determine what your budget is before you begin picking out options and accessories. Remember, you can never be too generous when it comes to your dream closet.


  1. Understand Your Wardrobe Inventory: First, we always recommend doing a closet clear-out before jumping feet first into the redesign. For tips on organizing your closet, read our last post here.


  1. Organizing and separating your wardrobe into sections: Hang, fold, accessories, and footwear – will help you to know exactly what types of features your new closet will need most. This helps you design the closet according to these items you own. If you wear more folded clothes you might need more shelves than hanging racks, or vice versa. If you own more shoes than clothes you might want a separate space for shoes.


  1. Understand Your Habits: Understanding what your habits are will determine the type of closet you own and the arrangement within it. For example, most frequently used clothing items should always be easily accessible. While less frequently used ones can be stored in less visible places. Try out our free Closet Planner to play around with a design that works best for your unique needs and habits!


  1. Maximize Vertical Space: Vertical cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling is one of the most common choices because it is the best way to create space. More space allows for more organization, thus, prettier closets! Vertical space can be used for shelves, or for hanging longer garments like dresses, winter coats, and suits!


  1. Easy Access: Make sure everything is easily accessible to save time.


  1. Details: Details will go a long way and will differentiate your closet from an average closet to your dream closet. Some of the details that make closets stand out are hardware, mirrors, colour schemes, lighting, drawers, and seating. Adding as many mirrors as possible will give a luxurious sense.Moreover, adding textiles and cool fabrics like rugs and curtains can help to style up the entire space. Even the handles in your drawers can make the difference between glamming your closet up or dulling it down.

Euro-Rite Will Help You Design your Dream Closet!

If you’re still not sure where to start or would like to weigh in with some expert advice – we’re here for you! Whether you are ready to start planning or are still dreaming in the dreaming phase, tell us your design ideas and we will send you to our nearest dealer. We have a large dealer network and we will connect you with a or we offer designs from our in-house professionally trained design team. Visit our closet section to start your inspiration journey today!



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