Floating Shelves – A Trend or Here to Stay

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Posted on July 15, 2018

Floating Shelves – A Trend or Here to Stay

Floating Shelves with kitchen cabinetry have taken the industry by storm, and it looks like it is not going anywhere anytime soon! Floating shelving allows you to keep your kitchen noticeably organized and open while increasing functionality.

Many homeowners will say that their biggest concern with floating shelving is, “how do you keep it clean and organized all the time? Won’t the shelves just draw attention to how messy things are?” Well…. sometimes, yes! We cannot all live in a show home, ready to be displayed 24/7. Life gets messy and in the way, but we are going to help make the transition to floating shelves easy, organized, and hopefully a little cleaner!

We have compiled a list of FIVE easy steps you can take to jump on board this new trend and transform your kitchen into a clutter-free, functional space!

  1. Frequent Use: Take some time to go through your cupboards and find some items you find yourself using/needing all the time, and things you maybe have not seen in years! This will not only help you determine what to put on the shelves but also get rid of some things that you might no longer need!
  2. Simplicity: Keep it simple. You don’t need to spend hours contemplating which cup should be displayed on the shelves, or which plate from the good china! Keep like items together and keep it easy. Plates with plates, bowls with bowls, etc. Keep your most frequently used items, the most accessible!
  3. Budget Friendly: If you have been thinking about upgrading your kitchen, but do not want to spend the money or the time doing so, consider removing a few wall cabinets and adding floating shelves! Not only does this give you a great excuse to throw some fresh paint on the walls, but it also allows you to reinvent and re-design your kitchen space, without breaking the bank!
  4. Work Space: if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, floating shelves may be the best thing for you. Due to their sleek design and simplicity, they can open up any space. Floating shelves give you another option from cabinets. By eliminating a few wall cabinets and freeing up space for the shelves, you are also giving yourself much more room to prep and cook freely!
  5. Get Creative: Floating shelves are not limited to your kitchen space only. Adding floating shelving can instantly turn any room from cluttered and boring, to organized and trendy! They allow you to create a focal point in your space and get creative. Whether you just want to add some extra storage and tidy up the floor, pick some feature items to display in the living room, or maybe you want to display towels in the bathroom and detergent in the laundry room, the opportunities are endless.


Why Are We All About Floating-Shelving?

Floating Shelves have proven to be a versatile design fit for any kitchen style. Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern look or want to add a little something extra to your farmhouse style space there is an option for every room.

It is so easy for anyone to just stuff something into a cabinet, close the door, and forget about it. As we all know, however, this makes for a much bigger job come spring cleaning time! Having everything out in the open will force you to keep your kitchen space clean and organized. This can be challenging at first, but will eventually become second nature!

Be mindful of the dust! As much as we try to avoid it, and keep up with the vacuuming, those pesky dust bunnies somehow always, find their way back into our homes. Unfortunately, floating shelves are no different. These are shelves out in the open with no protection above, below, or beside them. This may seem daunting at first, but always remember to keep your cups upside down and a Swiffer nearby!

There are so many unique and creative ways you can incorporate floating shelving into your home! Stop by Euro-Rite cabinets and let us help you get started!

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