How to Incorporate Simple Kitchen Colours into Your Renovation?

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Posted on July 15, 2018

The importance of colour in planning for a kitchen renovation is often underestimated and overlooked. Choosing the right colour schemes can give your home an entirely new personality that was not there before. There is an endless combination of possibilities when it comes to colours and details in the kitchen. As trend setters, at Euro-Rite we want to guide you through some of the tendencies that you’ll want to apply in your kitchen renovation.
We believe it is all in the details and you can really bring a kitchen to life by planning ahead.
You can start by downloading our Design Guide on How to Remodel your Kitchen or Bathroom.

Simple Kitchen Colour Trends to Keep in Mind:

Pantries and cabinets are the biggest trend of the year because they allow for storage space and organization. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, you’ll want to carve out a space for cabinet cupboards and closets. Adding pantries to your kitchen is a great opportunity to play with the colours and the balance of your kitchen space. These will accentuate the kitchen or blend in. Since there are infinite possibilities of colours you can accessorize your kitchen with, we have made it simple! We have consolidated a list of the all-time favourite kitchen trends for 2018 and 2019!

Grey paint is the new thing, but also whites!

White and grey (dark) colours are the easiest to play with when it comes to aesthetics. These colours give a clean and modern look to most and any space at home. White and grey have proven to be timeless by providing elegance and beauty in simplicity. That is why white features and dark colours are the go to colours when planning for renovation.

Since this is our favourite 2018 trend, we have brought to you this beautiful Charcoal Nahanni Kitchen and this is all you need to know to apply colour in your kitchen reno:
Features: Floating shelves, white surface islands, grey cabinets, white tile.

Add floating shelves as accent pieces. We have added a feature island and matched the shelves to bring together the design of a modern kitchen. The accent and island counter give the kitchen a clean and spacious feel.

The biggest trend as of now is to add white countertops and shades of grey or black. In doing so, we have created a great contrast between bold accents and the features.

Tip: White and dark tones allow you to style with pretty much any colour.

White & grey kitchen colour schemes are not the only ones you can play with

Here we have listed some of the simple but stylish trends that you want to keep in mind if you are renovating your kitchen!

  1. Dark Jewel Kitchen Colour Schemes: black, navy, emerald green, plum:
    Another trend sure to have an impact this 2018 is dark jewel tones such as black, navy, emerald green, and plum. You can always bring energy to a dark toned room by adding an accent piece that has a stronger colour such as emerald green.
  2. Blues & Greens – Going Green
    Start your day fresh and full of energy with a feel-good energy in your kitchen. Using blue and green tones gives your kitchen an earthy, fresh, and peaceful feeling. If you are looking to create a kitchen with only positive energy, soft delicate blue and green tones are your thing.
  1. Wood & Wood alternative Cabinets: We have found that wooden details go a long way! Our
    Melamine & TFL Thermofoil is extremely durable, requires low maintenance, and comes in a large variety of colours. These are popular because the material brings texture to the kitchen.
  2. Mix & Match: You can basically mix and match everything, from cabinets to floating shelves, handles, islands, faucets, to appliances, as far as colour schemes go. The best tip for this function is to pick a few colours and arrange everything according to that shade.

Remember, your kitchen is a blank canvas and you can paint it however you like. be as creative as you want and keep in mind that nothing makes a statement like the use of a little colour. The best balance between functionality and design we have found lies in the perfection of accenting your kitchen’s main feature and colour with details such as combining floating shelves and cabinets. Implementing shelves and cabinets will bring all the colour together whilst also drawing attention the kitchen island or the feature you want to highlight.

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