How To Prep Your Home For A Closet Renovation

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Posted on September 15, 2018

Closet renovations can be an exciting thing, creating your brand-new space for all your items! However, starting your renovations involves planning. Preparing for those renovations is something we all tend to forget in the midst of all the excitement! Here at Euro Rite cabinets, we believe that efficiency is the key when it comes to success of a project. Having a plan set in motion will ensure a smooth transition through the stages of your next project!

Let us share a few cool tips and tricks that help us complete new projects! This little guide will help minimize the stress in organizing and planning for your next closet renovation! Below you will find a few common mistakes we all tend to make, and few easy fixes!

Declutter – Closet purging is something we are all guilty of. We hold onto garments we think we “may need one day”. However, that day rarely ever comes. When was the last time you wore those corduroy jeans? Or that puffy neon pink jacket? As a result, we have a pile of stuff we don’t need! Coming up with a closet system that has a spot for every one of your clothing items is a great way to start! Making a keep, toss, and donate pile also makes process a lot less dreadful. Only keep items you see yourself actually wearing in the near future. Donate the items that are still in wearable condition.  Everything else, you can toss! Below you will find a useful little chart, that will help you decide what to keep, toss, and donate!


Keep, donate, or toss! Can’t decide?

Take a look at this chart for some guidance.



Storage – Organizing your garments and accessories after removing them from your closet space is such an important step we all miss when renovating! We tend to chuck them to the side, until our closet is ready to store them again! As a result, we’re stuck with a ton of unorganized items inside a brand-new closet and tons of extra work.

This is your opportunity to get rid of the mess! Once your closet has been renovated, you want to maximize your new space to its fullest potential. Organize your clothes prior to placing them back into your brand-new space. One way to do that is to divide your clothing items into categories according to seasons, by creating a pile for winter, summer, fall and spring! Use plastic containers or vacuum-sealed bags to store whatever you don’t need until the next season. Once your closet is ready, it will be that much easier to organize your items accordingly!

Even if your clothing is organized according to seasons,

go that extra mile and also organize according to clothing items.


This is a great little guide on how to set up your items

 for easier access during those fast-paced mornings.


Installation Prep – Once all your items have been cleared out, and your clothing and accessories have been organized, you’ll be left with an empty closet. It probably isn’t in the best shape. There’s probably dust all over it,  little bits of mess on the ground, scuffs on the walls. This is a great time to go in for a deep clean, whether you have a design and construction teams coming in or if it’s just a one-man job! If your floors are carpeted, this is a fantastic time to get your floors shampooed. However, if you have been itching to get rid of that old beige carpet flooring, this is a terrific opportunity to rip that carpet out! Make the transition to some beautiful hardwood flooring!

During this phase, you will also want to ensure that there is enough space in your bedroom for construction workers to maneuver their building supplies into your closet. You want to safely store away all items that have the potential of breaking due to sudden movements. Clear the path from the door to the closet and remove any furniture that could be an obstacle for your design team. These steps will ensure the safety for those coming in to work on your space!

New closet renovations are exciting but can also be stressful! With these tips and tricks, you’ll soon be on your way to enjoying your new space! Our team at Euro Rite cabinets specializes in ensuring a smooth transition from old space to your new, state-of-the-art closet.

If you’re still looking for some inspiration, we specialize in a variety of styles! Browse through our look-book and see our creations! You will be left with endless amount of inspiration and ideas!

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