How To Prep Your Home For A Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

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Posted on October 15, 2018


Kitchen renovations can be extremely exciting:  you get new cabinets, new flooring, and new appliances! Despite of all the fun that comes along with having a new kitchen, it can become difficult to manage daily life with the hub of your home being inaccessible. Deciding what steps to take, to ensure the least amount of chaos in your home during this transition can become tricky.


We often let the anxiety of a big project distract us from proper planning for this transition in your home. At Euro Rite, we believe that setting a few basic goals will help. Small or big, the steps taken to get to the finish line will be exhibited in your finished product! Planning for your kitchen remodeling could alleviate half of the stress that comes along with this exciting new change for your home! In this post you will find a few simple solutions that will assist you with making this face lift as smooth as possible!


To start this preparation for your brand new kitchen, we need to begin with the simplest, yet the most dreadful task: emptying out your existing items. It’s easier said than done, right? Getting rid of and reorganizing all that clutter as you empty your cabinets is something you’ll appreciate once your brand-new kitchen is ready for you! Organize your items as you take them out: put the plates in one box, glasses in another. This simple organization method will not only make things easier once your kitchen is completed, it’ll ensure that your items don’t get damaged in the process! A great piece of advice we can offer is to discard of all the items that are no longer of use to you! Take this opportunity to make your life simple, by donating the items you don’t use!


The second step in preparing for this renovation is deciding where all your items will be stored once you’ve taken them out of your cupboards. Choose a safe storage place in your house, where everything from your kitchen will be stored in, until the renovation is over.

Where will you be able to store all these items? We suggest you find  a place in your home where space is no issue! The worst part about renovating even just one room in your house is that is affects all the rooms in your house. Things are scattered everywhere, which means that if you’re looking for small items, you will likely have trouble finding them. Preparing to store your items prior to renovations will help ease this transition for you and your family.

Last but not least, how will you eat without a kitchen? This is something not many of us put thought into when considering kitchen renovations. We just presume that we will order in dinner, right? How about breakfast, and lunch? While it seems simple enough, planning ahead for this could really help during those busy evenings after work when you’re lost for ideas. A simple solution for the days your kitchen is not accessible, would be simple meals. Cereal for breakfast, and crockpot dinners. This is a great way to cut cost, and not have to spend more than you need to! Take a look at these easy crockpot recipes that could get you through your renovations with ease!

Planning for your meals, can really help cut the stress in half if you have a plan in place. Although, this would also be a great opportunity to check out that new restaurant around the corner you’ve been curious about!

With all these steps thought out prior to your renovations, you will undergo this project with ease! At Euro Rite, we create with innovation and affordability in mind. Trust between our team and our client is the most important aspect of our relationship. We are here to assist you with whatever needs you may have! Take a look at our inspiration catalog to get some cool new organizational ideas for your new kitchen design! For further assistance, organizational needs or custom kitchen ideas, give us a call or come visit us at any of our locations!



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