Top Kitchen Trends For 2019!

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Posted on December 15, 2018

Your kitchen is the heart of your home; it is where you entertain your guests and make memories with your loved ones. That’s why we’ve put together the most eye-catching kitchen trends of 2019! Getting a new kitchen can be quite exciting for home owners, especially if it’s long over-due. So, let’s cut to the chase, and see the hottest kitchen trends that 2019 will bring!


Floating Shelving

We all own that beautiful set of china, but feel it is too fragile to keep out in the open, and far too nice to be hidden behind cupboard doors. Have you ever considered floating shelves? Floating shelves will allow you to display your most attractive dinnerware sets, or just get creative and use them as a focal point in your kitchen, without breaking the bank! With a wide variety of colours and materials to choose from, you can instantly open up and brighten your space, while also giving it a modern, edgy look!

Floating Shelving


Why White Kitchens Stand the Test Of Time

An ultra-bright white kitchen gives a timeless appeal. “White has stood the test of time because it’s clean and fresh”. A fresh approach to your new kitchen could give you that beautiful classic kitchen you’ve been envisioning.

Throw a twist to your new space and consider adding some grey or wood tones to certain accents to entirely transform your new space!


Dark Kitchens Trends

There is something captivating about walking into a dark hued kitchen. Kitchens are usually designed with bright, open, airy colours. By opting for a dark cabinet colour, it can add a sense of drama to any home making it very appealing and unique. Your guests will be in awe of your newly refined kitchen space.

Dark Kitchens Trends


Hygge Your Kitchen

Pronounced ‘hoo-ha’ or ‘hue-gah’, the word is becoming increasingly recognisable and was originally a Norwegian term for wellbeing. Scandinavian design has long inspired us to embrace simplicity and minimalism in our homes with pale colours, clean lines and often exposed wood, for a bright and tranquil look. Bringing hygge into your kitchen will create an atmosphere where you, your family and your friends will be able to cook, laugh and relax – the Scandinavian way.


Single Level Island

Adding an island into your kitchen not only gives you a more functional, open kitchen concept, but it also gives you the option of freeing up some floor space if you are tight on square feet. By adding in some stools or chairs to your island and extending it out a little, you have just eliminated the need for a dining room table!

By extending your island to accommodate seating, you are now giving your guests the option to sit and feel included without getting in your way. It creates a more intimate open feel and much bigger workstation! Stools and chairs are also a great excuse to add some pop of colour into your kitchen.

Single Level Island


Contrast Cabinetry

Who says all the cabinetry in your kitchen has to look identical? Switch it up! Be different! Use different colors, different materials and styles! Mix colors or choose those that complement one another. The key to creating an authentic Craftsman-styled kitchen is to embrace the very details that embody hand-craftsmanship.  Stray away from the ordinary.

Contrast Cabinetry

Creating your dream kitchen can be a very exciting project for you and your family! However, deciding on the look of your new kitchen space can be difficult.  We hope that the inspiration above helped guide you a step closer into creating the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.  2019 is the year of captivating designs that despite being edgy, still bring comfort to your home. For more great ideas, follow through to our inspiration gallery! Have questions about products, or designs?



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