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dreamy walk-in closet

Figure 1 Create your dream walk-in closet. This design is in Chocolate Pear Woodgrain.

AdvantagePlus closet organizers allow you to design your own closet while offering a stylish look and an adaptable design. These fully customized closets offer functionality and beauty to your home.

All of our closet organizers are easy to install and can adapt to any size space. Whether you need to organize your bedroom, kitchen, or office closets our line of stackable ready to assemble closets will adapt to your needs.

Know the Difference Between Closets

When you design your own closet, it is important to first know the difference between each types of closet. There are three different styles of closets: the by-pass door style, bi-fold style, and walk-in. Your closet design will depend entirely on the style of closet that you own.

By-pass closets are in every home, in many different rooms. They are easy to design and organize. The most important thig to remember with by-pass closets is that the centre of the closet is always covered by the doors. This means that your most reached for items should be placed on each of the sides.

By-fold closets are also quite common. This closet type differs from the by-pass in that the doors pull out and fold together. With this type of closet, it is best to place the modules closer to the middle of your by-fold doors. The easiest access point will be in the middle, with the doors being on either side. Therefore, frequent use items can be stored in the middle unit.

by-fold closet - without door

Figure 2 If your closet doesn’t have doors, consider it a by-fold closet.

Finally, walk-in closets offer the most flexibility when it comes to installing shelving and storage options. You can have a lot of fun with your designs and find a place to store everything you want to.

Bring your vision of functionality and style to life with our easy to assemble closet organizers. Create your dream closet with our Online Closet Organizer Tool. Calculate the exact components and sizes to suit your unique vision.

Using the Online Closet Planner is simple. Enter you wall dimensions and a design is created just for you. From there, you can make changes, try different configurations and instantly personalize the layout and design of your closet. This tool is simple and fun – it allows you to take all of the time you need until the perfect closet has been created for your space and budget.

Once you are done creating your custom AdvantagePlus closet organizer you can save your designs and email them to yourself or a friend. You now have access to your customized item list making it a breeze to visit one of our many dealers to purchase the parts.


Our Closet Organizer Program is for Everyone

Euro-Rite offers a closet program that is suitable for both contractors and Do-it-Yourself enthusiasts. Our stackable ready to assemble units can be used in a multitude of combinations to increase any closet space. Our entire line of custom closet systems is easy to assemble and comes with a variety of accessories and add-on options. All of our modules and accessories are available in a traditional antique white and a rich chocolate pear woodgrain.

Standard Modules

Our standard modules come is six variations to build upon. You can choose to use as many as you like when you design your own closet.

Double Short Hanging
Probably the most common in closet organization. Two short hanging rods maximizes hanging space for shirts, blouses, and sport coats.

Long Hanging
This module is intended for items like dresses, long gowns, and housecoats.

Semi-Short Hanging
The hanging length here is great for short dresses, pants hung by the cuff, and coats. In the shelves above, you can store folded clothes, shoes, or storage boxes.

Short Hanging with Shelves Above
A good combination of shelving and short hanging. Folded clothes are easily accessible while still providing space for hanging items.

Short Hanging with Shelves Below
With the shelves on the bottom, it provides space for storing shoes, and accessories (like drawers and baskets for clothing items). The hanging space below is ideal for tops, skirts, and folded pants.

Shelf Tower
Maximum shelf space for folded clothes. Extra shelves, drawers and baskets can be added. Can also be duplicated with corner and 20” deep units.

Drawers, Doors & Accessories

closet organizer combinations

Figure 3 With endless accessory options your dream closet organizer can be a reality.

Accessory options and combinations are almost endless. Once you have chosen your stackable base, you can expand and optimize every inch of space using our drawers, doors, and accessories.

The closet corner stackable tower allows you to utilize harder to reach areas, while our chrome baskets allow for great organizational opportunities.

Mix up your standing tower by adding drawers in addition to shelving. With our belt and tie rack and our adjustable shoe racks, you really will have a place for everything to go!


Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Our custom closet systems will fit in any space. Before you begin building your dream closet organizer you will need to make sure everything is measured properly.
Most reach-in closets have doors. Either by-fold or bi-pass. If your closet doesn’t have doors doesn’t have doors at all, then treat it like a by-fold closet.

Quick Tip
It is best to have the closet empty of clothes when measuring. Walls are rarely square, flat, or level. When measuring width, it is always best to measure in various places (top, middle, bottom). Take the smallest measurement and subtract 1/2″ if it’s under 6 feet to 10 feet and 1″ if it’s over ten feet. This will insure a problem free fit!


Manufactured by a Team that Puts Customer Satisfaction First

Our range of custom closet organizers are the perfect solution for adding functionality and value to your home. Whether you want to use our custom closet systems in your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom closets our fully customizable line means it will fit perfectly every time. With so many options you can create the closet organizing system of your dreams!

For over thirty years, Euro-Rite has maintained a reputation of being the most trusted manufacturer of ready-to-assemble cabinetry in Western Canada. All of our closet organizers are manufactured by our exceptionally skilled craftsmen. We are proud of our work and only manufacture closet organizers and cabinetry we would want in our own homes. Providing customer satisfaction is just as important to us as making exceptional closet organization solutions.

Don’t know where to start? Just contact a Euro-Rite Closets dealer to find out more.



Euro-Rite Cabinets is an innovative, growing company with many opportunities. Our employees take pride in their work and the company.