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At Euro-Rite Cabinets, we recognize that protecting and improving the quality of our environment is of the utmost importance. In our production facility, we are dedicated to improving efficiency and reducing waste.

Euro-Rite Cabinets reduces, reuses, and recycles materials wherever allowable. To reduce energy consumption, computers are employed to optimize wood product usage and older machinery is replaced with more energy efficient equipment. In 2008 Euro-Rite Cabinets purchased a state of the art finishing line that enables us to greatly reduce over spray and recycle all finishing waste residues.

Beyond cabinetry Euro-Rite is dedicated to maintaining our position as a good corporate citizen with concern for environment, our staff, and the very resources we use in the products we make. We are continuously searching for materials and products that minimize our environmental footprint. From our solvent recycling program to our innovative use of farmed wood species to our recycled fibre packaging we are ensuring that the products we use are sustainable and produce the lowest possible levels of waste.

At Euro-Rite Cabinets, we are committed to contributing to the healthiness of homes and to the overall well-being of our planet. Our melamine board is all carb 2 complaint meaning lower formaldehyde off gassing than our competitors.


Euro-Rite Cabinets is an innovative, growing company with many opportunities. Our employees take pride in their work and the company.