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AboutBuilding great spaces isn’t just cabinets.

Sure, we’ve been building premium quality cabinets for almost 40 years, but what truly drives us is a passion to create great spaces. We believe great spaces extend beyond homes, into our company, and our community.


We are driven to elevate the lives of the people around us. Whether that is well built cabinets that enhance your home, outstanding customer service that makes you smile, or great workplaces where our employees and colleagues feel valued, we believe in building exceptional spaces.

A Eurorite employee in orange safety vest stands in the manufacturing factory, holding a textured wood grain flat panel door style.

We put our heart into everything we do. Whether it’s after sale service, construction options, or saving customers time and money, we are passionate about creating a memorable and remarkable experience tailored to each person.

Creating customers for life. For us, cabinets are personal, they help create a home you love. When you put your trust in us to create a dream space, we don’t take that lightly. Building cabinets isn’t our end goal, building customers for life is.

Beautiful products. Beautifully crafted. We are a design focused manufacturing company. We pride ourselves on mixing form and function to deliver the highest value product possible. To us, designer cabinets aren’t just how they look, it also means they are designed to be functional, right down to the smallest detail.

A Eurorite employee in a yellow safety vest stands at a table saw showing a newly completed dovetail drawer.
Eurorite employees pose for a team photo at a summer BBQ in the 90s, with founder Bill Longman standing in the centre.

Our HistoryOne guy. One garage. One philosophy.

Bill Longman was a full time firefighter in 1980 when he began making cabinets out of his garage. What started as a spare time job to help pay down his mortgage and take vacations, quickly turned into a full time business, purely because of word of mouth. It’s that kind of customer service and craftsmanship that still drives Eurorite nearly 40 years later. A larger facility, a larger product line and a larger company, but still upholding Bill’s down-to-earth garage philosophy—do things so right that people can’t help but talk about it.

Bill Longman, Owner / founder

Our FutureJoined by a common legacy.

We’re stronger together. After 40 years of establishing ourselves in the cabinet industry, we joined the BRC Group alongside Woodlore in 2023.

Offering the same quality, the same personal touch, and the same European style—just as part of a bigger family. We’re proud to bring our strong tradition of crafting quality cabinets and creating beautiful spaces to the BRC family.

Our team is ready to tackle everything the cabinetry world has to offer—and with our shared values and mission, we look forward to a bright future of working together to redefine the market for kitchen, bathroom, and storage organizers. 

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Our Mission

To manufacture cabinets for your home that deliver
an affordable upscale.

Environmental PromiseFuture generations matter to us.

As a manufacturing company, we recognize that we have a huge environmental mandate not to manufacture at the expense of future generations. We’re constantly improving our systems so we can leave an environmental legacy where future generations can thrive.

Healthy homes are important to us, which is why many of our product lines have adopted the use of recycled and near zero-emission materials, helping us to achieve some of the highest green standards in the world. In addition, our company is heavily involved in recycling programs focused on reducing energy consumption and decreasing waste as we strive to decrease our footprint while increasing our efficiency.

A beautiful, lush green Canadian landscape with geese flying in a V above.
Eurorite CEO Chris MacKinnon holds up a presentation cheque with a family of four, including a little girl, aged about 8, in a Eurorite soccer uniform.

Charitable givingBuilding a community.

Our community is where our employees live, where our customers build their homes and where our suppliers and dealers have their families. For us, sponsoring the local soccer club, being a major sponsor and corporate leader for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation (DSRF), or supplying cabinets to Habitat for Humanity is our way of supporting the people around us, our community. It’s our way of building better spaces.

$25,000 / year donated to charities

$700,000 raised for the PoCo Eurorite Football Club through it’s annual Dream Kitchen Raffle

Helped raise $1,375,000 for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation through annual initiatives

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