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Instant estimateStart the journey to your dream living space. Get an instant estimate for your cabinets today.

We realize that budget is always top of mind, so we’ve created an instant estimate tool to help you plan your kitchen renovation. Although this is a great place to begin, please keep in mind that we are providing a general estimate for your kitchen cabinets, not to be used as an official quote.

Instant Estimate Tool

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  • Budget
  • Door Style

Measure your space.

Measure the linear length of your cabinet space and enter it below to get started.

How to Measure Linear Length

1. Measure Space

Start at one corner and measure to the end of your cabinet space. Round up to the
nearest inch. Repeat this step for each wall of cabinets required.

2. Island Specs

For islands, measure the space from cabinet end to cabinet end along the face of the
cabinets required. For peninsulas/jut-outs, measure the distance from the wall to the end of the cabinet

3. Add It All Together

Calculate the total linear inches of all the measurements and enter this into the “Linear
Length (inches).”