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Sep 11/17How Accessories Can Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level

Kitchens are one of the most important parts of your home. It is becoming more popular to have more than just an ordinary kitchen. Whether you are looking to improve the efficiency of your kitchen or the style of your kitchen, accessories can take your kitchen to the next level! Moulding  Add mouldings to give […]

Kitchens are one of the most important parts of your home. It is becoming more popular to have more than just an ordinary kitchen. Whether you are looking to improve the efficiency of your kitchen or the style of your kitchen, accessories can take your kitchen to the next level!


Add mouldings to give cabinets a finished and customized look. When applied to kitchen cabinets, moulding can help enhance the most basic cabinets. With the wide range of designs available, consider adding moulding to your cabinets to give your kitchen a personalized touch!

Pulls and knobs add visual and practical appeal

Pulls and knobs provide function and beauty. Updating cabinet hardware with pulls and knobs is an easy and cost-effective way to take your kitchen to the next level. With all the options available, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your kitchen and style.

A tip is to choose the hardware of your pull and knobs last if you are remodeling or building a new kitchen. Always try out the knob or pull before you purchase the entire kitchen to ensure that it is comfortable.

In-Cabinet organizers improve functionality of space

In-cabinet storage such as lazy Susans and racks make your kitchen more organized and efficient. Custom drawers such ones for spice racks are becoming increasingly popular. Custom in-cabinet organizers such as pull out drawers make it easy to organize and find all your kitchen tools and small appliances.

We recommend adding them in during renovations as they will become more expensive to add after the fact.

Update your appliances to match the look of your kitchen

Updating your kitchen appliances to match your kitchen provides your kitchen with a new look as well as the benefit of new appliances. Stainless steel and black appliances are the most popular finishes for appliances.

Look for energy-efficient appliances with warranties and be sure that there is a balance between what you spend on appliances and cabinets. Also be mindful of which appliances you spend on—a stove will most likely last longer than a refrigerator.

Sinks and Faucets being front and Center

With all the activity that goes on in the kitchen, there comes lots of cleaning. Having the right sink and faucet that works well with your kitchen use is an integral part of any kitchen.

Having the right size sink and suitable faucet for your kitchen needs can help maximize your kitchen. Select a sink and faucet that will work well with your kitchen and that will withstand years of daily use.

Kitchen sinks come in different materials, so it is important to choose one that suits your kitchen usage and your needs. For example, a solid surface sink is good if you want an easy cleanup and a composite sink is good for those who are on a budget.

A pull-down faucet is good if you need extra maneuverability and extended reach. A pullout faucet is great if you are limited by space. If you have an extra sink hole, a side spray offers a powerful spray option that is great for cleaning.

It is important to understand how your sink setup could impact which faucet to choose. Make sure you know how many holes are in your sink or counter before picking your faucet.

Wine Racks

In addition to helping to keep your wine stored properly, wine racks add a touch of class and elegance to your kitchen. Wine racks come in different styles and each style offers a unique look to your kitchen.

Consider the size and capacity of a wine rack—you need a wine rack that will fit in your kitchen and hold the number of bottles you need storing.

Glass doors

Glass cabinet doors make a room appear bigger and more open. They are a great way to show off your China and dishware as well. There are different types of glass, so it is important to decide what the purpose of the glass is when choosing the glass for your cabinets.

Glass doors with designs can also add design elements to your kitchen. They update the look of your kitchen and make for a unique design element.


You are going to be looking for your backsplash for many years to come, so make sure you choose one that you’ll want to keep looking at. Also, make sure that your backsplash works well with your countertops.

The backsplash is a focal point of your kitchen. This is an opportunity to be creative and to showcase your style. You can match tile colours and mix materials if you can’t decide what tiles you’d like.

Be sure to take care of your backsplash at the beginning to ensure that it will last for years to come.

Puck lighting

Also known as ‘under cabinet lights’, add puck lights into cabinets corners so you can see deep into the cabinet. Puck lights allow you to maximize the efficiency in your cabinets and find what you’ve stored.

Puck Lights can also be used as cabinet accent lighting to bring a wall of cabinetry to life. They can be installed inside glass door cabinets to emphasize contents inside.

Puck lights can bring sparkle underneath and to the interiors of cabinets. Puck lights are easy to install and last long so they are a great accessory to take your kitchen to the next level.

Upgrade Your Garbage bins

Garbage bins can be an eyesore— a simple solution is to get a nice one or an in-cabinet trash bin. With the availability of stylish garbage cans, you can get a garbage bin that fits the style and colour scheme of your kitchen.

Having the proper garbage can in your kitchen is important for the cleanliness and maintenance of your kitchen. Garbage bins should be covered to reduce odor and to prevent insects.

How Euro-Rite Can Help You Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level

At Euro-Rite, our expert designers can help you take your kitchen to the next level. Browse through our website to view some options and get inspired. Then download a copy of our design guide for steps on where to begin, or contact one of our many customer service representatives to assist you.

We have a large dealer network and we will connect you with a dealer near you, or we offer free designs from our in-house professionally trained design team to get things started.

At Euro-rite, we strive to offer only the highest quality parts and materials to go into the construction of our products. Our precision manufacturing guarantees that all our cabinets assemble easily and stay together, lasting for the life of your home.